Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Jack, Ashe and Jenn Morris

Jack and Ashe cuddling together on a bed

Gabby holding Ashe when he was a kitten“When you know, you know.”

It’s as simple as that. And when Jenn first set eyes on a tempting tuxedo named Elmo and a gorgeous gray longhair named Gabby, she knew. Being kitten season, her aunt, Diane Stevens (sound familiar?) of Furry Friends, encouraged her to adopt a pair of kittens to keep one another company. Sold! The pet-loving Jenn’s housewarming gift (to herself) in her first home were those very same kittens she soon renamed Jack and Ashe.

“Jack was so handsome and friendly,” says Jenn, “and he was already in love with me when I brought him home. He was also smart, curious, and brave. He licked me a LOT and would happily fall asleep in the laps of my friends whenever they visited. Ashe, who’s a poofy love bug, was so shy and SO scared at first. Then she grew confident, and she and Jack were SO cute when they became friends. She never uses her claws and she’s so affectionate — much like a little dog – that I swear she tries to hug me!

Ashe, as a kitten, sitting on a pink table“They’re both extremely affectionate and adore their cuddles, but Ashe is a MAJOR lap cat whereas Jack is more independent. And yet … he’ll come sit on my lap and fall asleep with one eye open, ready to pounce if someone attacks! He’s also a talker. And I talk to him as if we really understand each other. Ashe is horribly clumsy and falls off things a lot. Her tail is crooked, so that might have something to do with it.

Jack as a tuxeco kitten, sitting on a bed“Now that they’re ‘teenagers’, they’re SUPER active, going completely insane once a day, and no lamp or glass is safe. They love the laser pointer, batting toys around, playing with my hair ties, and playing in the bathtub after the shower’s been used. Ashe has become quite the laser pointer hog while Jack shows little plush mice who’s boss, He’s even left one on my side of the bed twice now.”

Luckily for feline fanatic Jenn, her French born fiancé now husband fell head over heels in love with Jack and Ashe too. He’s their devoted cat guardian whenever Jenn’s work schedule changes, and keeps her updated on their daily activities by sending her photos of them when she’s away.

“I feel like there’s so much love in the house and so much personality,” she says. “Thank you, Furry Friends, for being such an awesome organization — from the volunteers and the foster parents I’ve met to the fundraisers. But most importantly, for two of the reasons my house is now a home.”

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