“Jiji, originally called Tally, is the third kitty we’ve adopted from Furry Friends,” says Jennifer. “We adopted Jack and Ashe in 2016.

“Jiji is a nickname for ‘grandpa’ in Japanese, and our Jiji looks like a wise older man even though he’s only five. We chose him because he was so cute and loving at the Halfway House. Super mellow, he instantly let us hold him and pet him. We wanted one of the older cats since we know they get adopted more slowly, and while five isn’t old, he wasn’t exactly a kitten.

“We had difficulty feeding him for the first two weeks. We were trying to feed him the high-end food we give Jack and Ashe, but he wanted no part of it. Turns out he’s a Fancy Feast cat! HAHA! He loves it. We had to buy a special feeder for him though because Ashe will eat everything in her path and we were afraid that Jiji might not be getting enough food.

“He’s a total lap cat and loves being around my husband and me. Oh my gosh, we love him. He, in turn, LOVES being petted, cuddled and held, LOVES sitting on our laps and LOVES napping by our heads. He’s just the sweetest — and he’s funny! He talks … A LOT. All day. All night. He also does this little hop that’s hilarious. And he loves to play attack you as you walk by. He never uses his claws or teeth; he just lunges at you.

“He gets along great with Jack and Ashe. I’ve spotted Jiji and Ashe grooming each other while he likes playing tag with both Jack and Ashe and play wrestling with my husband. Sometimes he’ll toss around a toilet paper roll or chase a laser pointer for half a second.

“As for sleeping, there’s a spot on the couch that he loves. Day and night – that’s his spot.”

Mike and Jenn Morris are also producing the Furry Friends video that will be shown at our September 14, 2019 auction. I’m sure that Jiji has had a lot to do in helping with the production of the video.

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