“When we first brought Jinx (formerly Betsy) home, we made certain that her adjustment to living with us was pretty gradual,” explains Gatsie, “so that our Golden Retriever and our 3-year-old tabby Ollie could get used to having a kitten around.

“There was a lot of sniffing and hiding the first few days, but Jinx settled in quite quickly. She’s very brave! Now all three of them cuddle up together and it’s really adorable. Not only does she keep Ollie company when I’m gone, but she’s also a great playmate and grooming buddy for him.

“She likes sleeping, taking ‘showers’ — oddly enough — and putting her little paw on your nose while you sleep. Jinx is so sweet and very cuddly; she will make long, tiny meows when I come into the room. She and my Golden Retriever frequently compete to see who can crawl further up my lap, and despite her small size, she usually wins!

“She loves playing with her catnip mouse and will toss it way in the air and then catch it. She and Ollie hide in different corners of the room and both will run out and jump into the air in a hilarious midair ballet. She’s definitely brought a lot of love, laughter and cuddles into our lives!”

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