Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Kai, Willow and the Johnsons

Kai and Willow cuddling together

A girl, Kai, and Willow togetherThe Johnson family was in for two treats not one when they adopted their first felines ever.

“At first, we considered adopting the two kittens because they were available,” explains Tara. “But when we learned more about their history, our kids felt they would be good for Kai and Willow (previously called Kali) by loving and understanding them.”

And to everyone’s delight, that love has worked both ways.

“The kittens’ adjustment to living here happened almost immediately. Within 24 hours, they felt safe enough to start exploring every nook and cranny of our home, and with each passing day, they grow more and more comfortable. As for us? They have added happiness and laughter, love and enjoyment, and emotional soothing to our lives.

“Their favorite activities include chasing each other, batting toys and balls across our slick floors, climbing, exploring, and chasing ‘danglies’, wands and lasers, while their favorite TIME is the evening, when all of us are home.

Kai and Willow holding and licking each other“Both kittens love being petted and rubbing up against and around us. Kai, who’s more reserved, loves cuddling close to us and purring happily away. For her part, Willow loves being close and being petted, but she doesn’t like being held. Both are basically easygoing kitties and fairly evenly matched as far as energy goes.

“And they’re adorably quirky! Both of them whirl in circles as they follow the laser, which is something to see. Willow is an amazing vertical jumper, and it’s fun to get her going, while Kai loves to lie on his back with all four legs spread out like a kitty cat carpet.

“Since the house isn’t fully ‘kitty proofed’ yet, and because they love exploring so much, they usually stay, safe and sound, in one large room at night with multiple places to sleep.”

Boy petting gray tabby cat Kai or Willow

To say these two kitties truly earn a good night’s sleep is an understatement. M-e-o-w!

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Diane Stevens