“This isn’t my first kitty, but it’s been eighteen years since I’ve owned one,” Meghan explains. “Over the years, we’ve had a rescue husky, bird, lizards and fish. My kids have pets at their dad’s house as well.

“His name was Boomer at Furry Friends, and although we changed it to Khoshekh, everyone will remember this friendly dude by his old name. We were looking for a black cat on purpose. And bingo! We feel lucky to have found Khoshekh because he’s so sweet, playful and soft. It’s perfect that he needed to be the only cat in the house since this is my guarantee that the kids won’t bring more animals home. Sneaky, eh?

“His adjustment to living with us was gradual, and to accommodate him, we placed his food bowl, litter box and basket on the first floor of our two-story house because this was mainly where he stayed. We then set out multiple blanket-beds in various locations and elevations — like at the shelter — for him. He will still nap on these occasionally, but now his favorite place to sleep is in the master bedroom on the second floor, where he likes to have a sip of fresh water from the master bath before settling in for the night.

“During the day, while the kids are at school, he spends his time on the first floor where he sits at the windows looking at the wildlife, chirping at the bugs, birds and other four-legged creatures.

“He loves being petted and cuddled, and because he’s so soft we can’t help but love all over him. He enjoys back pats and shoulder scratches, being scratched under the chin and behind his ears. He also likes everyone he meets and is fun at playtime.

“Nothing too fancy for this dude. He loves a good old paper bag to pounce on, play in and tear up. He loves to play ‘soccer’ with his paper wads, loves to chase snakelike toys (wand toys and shoelaces), and use a cardboard scratch pad. But what he enjoys more than anything is ‘run-time’. That’s when it’s time to RUN around the house and be crazy! All of these activities are very entertaining for us to watch.”

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