Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Koko and the Costellos

Koko lounging on a blanket

Koko and his friend cuddling on the couch together“How can you not help but love a kitty who deposits his favorite toy on your chest every night at 3 AM to tell you he misses you and wants to play?” Pat poses the question rhetorically.

“We had just adopted another rescue kitten when, two weeks later, we saw a photo of Koko (then called Apollo) on the Furry Friends web site, and it was love at first sight! We’ve had cats as far back as I can remember, but after losing our 17-year-old calico last fall, we needed some time to heal. Then, when the holidays rolled around, the thought of putting up a Christmas tree without having to nail it to the floor and tie it to the ceiling made us realize it was time to add a kitty or two to our family again.

“After seeing Koko’s photo, my husband, Andy, got up quite early the next morning to fill out the online application. It’s a good thing he did because we later learned that over 100 people wanted to adopt this little guy! Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who thought he was adorable.

“We met him at his foster mom’s house and knew immediately that it was destiny. He joined our household a short time later and he hasn’t looked back since. Simba, our other kitty, is just two months older, so it was an easy adjustment, and they’re now best buds, sleeping and eating together and racing through the house at a hundred miles an hour.

“Koko loves to play fetch and chase any one of his many toys, but his best thing is to sit on our laps when we’re playing computer games and bat at the screen. “Candy Crush” is his favorite so far. He’s a cuddler and loves to snuggle into the crook of your neck where he purrs nonstop.

“We can’t imagine our house without him, and send our thanks to all of the folks at Furry Friends who made this adoption possible.”

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Diane Stevens