“We just couldn’t love our Furry Friends adoptee, Lalo, more,” says Jesse.

“I grew up in a family headed by the most delightful, loving, big-hearted and cheerful grandma. Gram loved her family and our many weird and wonderful furry friends — as long as they weren’t cats. Gram, like Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great had a terrible fear of cats (she couldn’t even watch commercials with cats in them) and so her children and grandchildren avoided them for her sake.

“It wasn’t until moving to Portland and meeting my partner Jeff (he once had as many as five cats in his feline-loving home growing up) that I was cajoled into opening my heart to a sneezy, stray tabby, one we loved dearly until he passed in 2015. By last winter, we were ready to consider another cat, as long as he was as handsome, good and kind as our last gentleman — a tall order, we know.

“Then we fell hard for the photos and description of a two-year-old, gray/white tabby on the Furry Friends website. He’d been adopted by an ideal family in Vancouver where his playful but constant hunting of their older dog and smaller cat had proven tricky, and the family found themselves in the position of having to re-home him, much to their chagrin.

“We met him and fell in love with his playfulness and sweetness, and so he came to live with us in North Portland. He’s the kindest, most polite, most gentle, playful and easygoing gentleman – not to mention handsome. He follows us wherever we go in the house and seems unafraid of anything. He’s often on our chests or next to us on the couch or bed and loves to look us in the eyes meaningfully while putting a big paw on our cheeks.

“Although it’s unlikely – despite all of his fantastic qualities — that my grandmother would have warmed to him, we can’t imagine a better addition to our home and are so grateful to Furry Friends and his last family for bringing Lalo into our lives.”

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