“May 2018 was a sad time, having to make THE decision that a brain tumor wasn’t giving my cat, Marlee, a quality life,” explains Lois. “My plan was to wait at least six months before even considering a new cat. Well, when you volunteer at the Furry Friends Halfway House and interact weekly with so many delightful kitties …

“By August, my heart was ready. I evaluated each cat as a potential roommate. A few were adopted before I could take that leap of faith. Then Daphne showed up. (I’d only recently become a cat person and Daphne would be my second cat). It seemed to be a mutual decision as she cuddled on my lap.

“In honor of Marlee, I wanted to continue using the ‘ee’, so Daphne became Leela. The laundry room was set up for the transition and we arrived home at 5 PM. She huddled in her igloo for a while and then moved to her bed. She ate some dinner and after petting and cuddling, she started to relax. That night, I left the laundry room door open, but hung a curtain over the lower half of the door to make her feel secure.

“The next morning, Leela was MIA! I called her and she appeared from somewhere, meowing for attention — or was it only for food? And just like that, Leela was ‘home.’ Reeta, the neighbor’s cat visited through the closed patio door and wasn’t too happy about being temporarily banned from my house until Leela was well and truly settled.

“She’s a gentle kitty, is friendly towards everyone who visits, meows loudly for food, and has her favorite resting places, including my lap. At night, she crawls under the covers with me for five minutes. Then she finds her own space on the bed.

“I’m so grateful to have Leela in my life and to be able to take care of her.”

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