Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Levi, Lorax and Kate and Max

“I’ve had cats most of my life and was so happy to adopt these two caramel and cream cuties after several years without any,” explains Kate.
“My son Max and I were torn over whether to adopt kittens (we wanted long term companions) or adults (we wanted to know their temperaments). We also needed a well-bonded pair for those long hours when nobody is home, and Max especially wanted two snuggle buddies!
“Fortunately, the Furry Friends staff listened to our concerns and requests and matched us with two well-bonded, loving and mellow brothers, just shy of a year old. Now we’re overjoyed to have these two waiting for us whenever we come home.
“It was interesting to watch them settle in. Lorax was excited about exploring his new home and made friends right away, while Levi took longer. We have an aquarium and Levi loves to watch the fish, while Lorax learned the hard way not to jump on the lid – although we did find out that he’s a good swimmer!
“Not only do they love to play together, they’re also spectacular wrestlers! Their favorite toy is a medicine cup off a bottle of cough syrup, which we carefully wash off before handing it over to them. They’re so easygoing when it comes to being cuddled and petted, although Levi is more sensitive and doesn’t like to be touched quite as much as Lorax does, but he likes being near us or sitting quietly in one of our laps.
“I used a loft bed with plywood instead of a mattress to create a ‘Lego’ area for my son. No Legos on the floor. Yay! But then we discovered that Lorax can jump up there. What’s worse is that he brings down one little Lego, smacks it around the house at night until it breaks into pieces all over the living room, and leaves a Lego in my shoe!
“Their ‘job’ is to put Max to bed and wake him up in the morning. They don’t spend all night sleeping with him (too disruptive), but they start the night with him and wash his face to wake him up. Then, during the day, they perch together on top of the recliner or on the windowsills and wait there to greet us when we return.”

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Diane Stevens