“Luna has been an absolute blessing in my life,” explains an elated Gabrielle. “She has made me feel whole again since the passing of my beloved cat GG.

“She’s one of the most complex cats I’ve ever owned. She’s incredibly bright, and once she knew that living with me was permanent, she turned into an absolute ham. Having started out playing with only one black rabbit-hair mouse, she’s widened her range of toys, and especially enjoys playing with balls made of yarn – playing until she’s panting and pooped.

“The more comfortable she becomes, the more her personality shines. It’s amazing how alike we are – a true God Shot that we were united. We both love our solitude but we’re quick to socialize when someone in the house needs our support, love or company. We’re both avid television watchers (Luna is enthralled with Animal Planet) and when I’m at work (I work the graveyard shift), some of my roommates have a hard time sleeping. They like to relax in my room and spend time with Luna. They tell me that she comforts them, that her cuddles and purrs relax them, and that she eventually lulls them to sleep.

“She’s still not fond of being touched in certain places, but now she either meows for us to stop or puts her mouth gently around our hands without biting down. During our first visit to the vet, she behaved beautifully (we used Feliway spray to keep her calm) and the vet was not only extremely patient with her but very intrigued by her. She said Luna’s tabby markings and calico colors make her a Torbie, while she was 80% certain that her “sway back”, stubby legs, long torso and almost knock-kneed hind gait are characteristic of “Munchkin” mixes.

“Watching Luna walk, she noted that her rear legs’ quads and hamstrings showed signs of atrophy which is the reason she has trouble making even the simplest jumps. It could also be part of the reason she doesn’t like having her rear area petted – the other part being possible joint and spinal pain.

“That said, I want to thank everyone at Furry Friends for the love and care you gave Luna until I adopted her. She’s such a wonderful creature, my guardian angel and best friend, and I can’t imagine my life without her. “

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