Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Maxine and the Dziabczenkos

Maxine laying on her side

Maxine ripping up toilet paper“My husband and I have both had cats our entire lives. We love them,” explains Sabella.

“And as soon as we saw Francine’s picture, we just knew. We renamed her Maxine — Max for short because she’s such a little Wild Thing! She jumped in and owned the place from the second we brought her home. She’s brave and outgoing, and the most curious kitty we’ve ever had. She wants to be with us, doing what we’re doing all day, every day.

“Max has brought such delight and energy, love, and laughter to our home. Her antics have us wrapped around her little finger. We just adore her! Besides us, she has two older kitty sisters who weren’t sure about her at first, but they all sleep together now. She loves to race down the hall and jump over them. A cute combination of energetic and easygoing, she can go from being a little bundle of non-stop energy to plopping onto the couch and purring herself to sleep.

Maxine laying in someone's arms on her back“She LOVES playing, both with us and by herself, and is constantly exploring every corner of the house. We also spoil her with toys of every sort. Her favorites are a sparkly wand that sounds like a bird and her Cat Dancer. She also loves her climbing towers and a huge basket of tissue paper that she enjoys diving into.

“And talk about affectionate! Max is a little love sponge! She absolutely demands attention and will poke you in the nose with her paw and/or actually lie across the keyboard of your computer or the pages of your book if she feels you’re being distracted from giving her love.

“Not only does she love flopping into your arms, belly-up like a baby, and falling asleep that way as you pet her tummy and chest, but she also LOVES gentle rubs on her face and cheeks.

“Then, when it comes to sleeping at night, she usually sleeps ON one of us or in our bed.”

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Diane Stevens