Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Minnie and the Halls

Enya sitting atop a bed

Enya sitting next to a little girl playing an Etch A Sketch“Minnie is our first cat since we’ve had children,” says Terri. “My last cat was 17 when she passed away, and due to my husband David’s allergies we never got another one.

“I met Minnie (then called Enya) when I went for a volunteer orientation at the Halfway House. She had the softest fur and was clearly not shy about wanting lots of love. I told my husband all about her and showed him a picture — not knowing he’d already decided we should have a cat again.

“He had been taking allergy medication and conspiring with my mom to adopt a cat for Christmas. Without knowing what was going on, I told him Enya would be at Petsmart and he said that we should drive over to see her. While we were there, he told me about his plan, and I knew, without a doubt, that Enya was the one.

“Our kids decided to name her Minnie, and despite the chaos that comes with having one five-year-old and a pair of two-year-old twins, Minnie adjusted well, often putting herself smack in the middle of the noisiest room in the house. She’s comfortable around our two dogs, and they co-exist without really getting in each other’s way.

“She’s very easygoing with mini bursts of energy. She likes her catnip toys, anything with a string, and just like the kids, she loves empty boxes. You’ll usually find Enya lounging on a couch with a little girlher curled up on a pillow on the couch. She likes to come into the kids’ rooms for story time in the evenings, and since she doesn’t really like being put in her room at bedtime, she’s very vocal about it.

“As soon as she hears your feet hit the floor in the morning, she’s up and ready to go — meowing, purring and tagging along through the morning routines until someone finally sits down and she can join you.

“We’re so happy to have found Minnie, and even happier that she’s enjoying her life with our family.”

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Diane Stevens