“While my husband Dan and I had several cats prior to adopting Mr. M, he’s our first non-Siamese and the first from a shelter,” Betsy explains.

“The reason we chose him was twofold: his pure beauty and his ‘curious look’. After having spent seven months in the shelter, he had a reputation for finding it difficult to adjust to his environment. We were certain he just needed a quiet and loving home that would allow him to calm down and express his own loving side.

“While his adjustment to living with us was gradual, his transformation into a trusting pet was wonderful! Not only has he brought incredible joy to our lives but just knowing he’s again found a loving home doubles that joy.

“Best suited to being our one and only, he loves to be petted and covered with soft blankets as much as loves his laser toy (we play with it every morning). Although he appreciates all of our attention, he’s not exactly a lap cat – I guess it’s not in his makeup to be cuddled – but that’s just fine with us.

“One of the cutest things he does is jump in and out of the sheets and blankets whenever we make the bed or change the sheets! And speaking of beds, he seems to prefer sleeping in his own comfy cat bed in our dining room at night.”

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