“I’ve had cats for over 30 years,” says Holly. “After I lost my beloved tortie, Schnapps, to GI lymphoma, I was looking online for another family member or two. I knew that I wanted to adopt black cats, as they’re usually the last ones to be adopted. I also wanted to adopt a special needs cat, and Chloe (now Napa) caught my eye (no pun intended).

“And so I adopted her together with Brandy, who I renamed Sonoma. It took them a little while to get adjusted to their new surroundings until they realized they were home. They are so full of life and their purr-sonalities really shine through. They absolutely love to play. Napa loves her toy mice and anything that makes noise. Sonoma loves anything that moves, but especially her bumblebee toy attached to a stick. She also loves sitting in the window below the hummingbird feeder, chattering at the tiny birds.

“My partner, Bill, and I also have three Labradoodles (small, medium and large), and we’ve taken their introductions to the kitties very slowly. They’ve seen each other through a baby gate, but only Scarlett the smallest has been out and about with the girls. Sonoma has no problem with Scarlett, but Napa is still cautious, while Scarlett is very curious, but careful.

“Both Napa and Sonoma love to be picked up and snuggled. They’ve really made progress since coming home and have really come out of their shells. Napa’s eye is still cloudy, but it’s amazing how well she’s adapted: she navigates the entire house, including the stairs, very well. At the vet’s suggestion, they both get fish oil each night with dinner. I’m hoping that may improve her vision somewhat.

“I adore these girls and am so happy they’re part of our family. Thank you to Furry Friends and especially to Dena Hugh for taking in all of these kittens and finding good homes for them. They all had a rough start and deserve to be spoiled and loved!”

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