Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Oliver, Charlotte and the Bucks

Oliver and Charlotte snuggling together

Meow about two kitty peas in a pod, joined at the proverbial hip! Meet Oliver and Charlotte, or as they were known in their “former” feline lives as Andy and Amy.

Working hand in hand with the pair’s foster mom, who assured Tara Buck that these two were indeed the best match for them, Tara wasted no time in adding the small bonded bundles of love to their family.

“Furry Friends was a wonderful support in getting them acclimated,” says Tara, “making it possible for us to meet them several times to ensure that we were all on the same page before the adoptions were finalized. Although we had originally intended to adopt two females, Oliver’s sweetness, his interest in our kids, AND the fact that he’s the color of ginger (half of the Buck family are redheads) made us change our minds.

Girl hugging and holding Charlotte“Because Charlotte was the quieter of the two, she was perfect for my nine-year-old daughter who really wanted a snuggle buddy. They’re also teaching my kids how to be responsible pet ‘parents’ and how to properly care for them. Not only are the kids caring cat guardians, but they lavish their ‘charges’ with treats and toys, and have even taught them to play hide and seek. The kids hide and the kitties seek.”

As for Tara? Charlotte and Oliver are great for petting and snuggling when the children are gone for the day and she’s home by herself. And the benefit of having two cats is that they groom each other, cuddle together, and keep each other company when no one is home.

Both cats are highly energetic, excel at catching bugs, and enjoy chasing and wrestling one another. They also love boxes and jumping very high, chasing lasers and climbing their cat tree, taking turns as to which of them gets to sleep on the top. They also love sitting in their window hammock to watch the birds and squirrels outside, being carried around like babies,

Boy closely hugging and holding Oliver

and getting scratched under the chin.

“Personality-wise they’re quite different,” explains Tara. “Oliver is very affectionate and thrives on constant attention, while Charlotte likes her own space, asking for cuddles when she wants them and then letting you know when she’s done. Oliver can give ‘high fives’ and Charlotte comes when she’s called by name.

“At night they sleep in the special cat cube I bought them. One sleeps inside and the other on top — usually Charlotte, since she likes to be in charge. Sometimes, after they’ve played the first half of the night away, they’ll sleep on the kids’ beds. But wherever they sleep, they always wake up when the kids do, and promptly start meowing for attention.

“The best thing about Furry Friends is that you’re so supportive of adoptive families, that you’re always there for us when we have questions or concerns. I also like the fact that we adopted TWO kitties for $100! Considering all of the expenses you incur – including Charlotte and Oliver on the cat towervaccinations, spay/neutering, socialization, and samples of the food they prefer – it’s nothing short of amazing.

“We love having two cats, and the kitties love it too.”

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Diane Stevens