Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Olivia and Janice

Olivia sitting on a purple blanket bed, with a snaggle tooth showing

Once upon a time, Olivia wasn’t the happiest puss-in-boots around. But feast your eyes on this fabulous feline now.

Her adoring adoptive mom, Janice, has even bestowed oh-so-awesome Olivia with a regal nickname: the Duchess. Talk about your rags-to-riches kitty cat tale.

“She’s doing wonderfully,” says Janice, “and the more I play with her each day with various toys, the more active she becomes. She’s really, really gotten into it. She’s also eating like a little horse and drinking a lot of water — usually from the bathtub! She sometimes sleeps in there as well, probably because it’s cool, and with the curtain up, she feels secluded and comfortable.”

But these weren’t the only secrets on Olivia’s “favorites” list. It seems she’s a cat who actually craves milk.

Olivia standing in a fold-up chair, smiling“I recently set down my bowl of cereal,” Janice recounts, “and before I knew it, she had her nose in the bowl, lapping up the milk. Since then, whenever I go to the fridge, she starts yowling, runs over to her dish and sits there until I pour some milk into it.”

Another unexpected and pleasant surprise came in the form of a recent indoor “garage” sale Janice held. Fully prepared to keep Olivia safely tucked away in the privacy of the bedroom, Olivia chose instead to be in the front room.

“So I let her out, just to see how she would do, and she was fine! She occasionally slipped under the kitchen table, but remained at my feet most of the time. When a close friend stopped by with his two daughters, Olivia amazed us all by jumping up onto one of the girl’s laps and staying there awhile.”

One can only speculate as to the other happy surprises laying in wait for the Duchess’s loyal court of admirers.

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Diane Stevens