“This isn’t our first kitty,” Katarina explains. “I grew up with countless kitties, two of whom I’ve had since I was 13 and who live with my mom and sister. My husband Christopher and I already had a male kitty named Gizmo who was about two and a half when we adopted Posie. We also have two male ferrets named Peanut and Chestnut.

“Posie was the original name given to her by the Furry Friends staff and after going back and forth a lot, we decided to keep it because it was so cute.

“I chose her because I wanted a female to join our family, and she had such a sweet personality that drew me directly to her. Her adjustment to my husband and myself was fairly quick, but to the other animals it took about a week. She was very unsure about the ferrets since they have no sense of personal space and loved sticking their noses into her ears!

“Gizmo really didn’t like her at all, and anytime she got close to him he would hiss and swat. We worried that they might never warm up to one another, but on the sixth day I came home to find them cuddled up on a chair having a nap! Now they’re inseparable. They love to wrestle and to play, and they spend a lot of time cleaning and grooming each other before napping. The ferrets are also fun for her to play with now because they’re roughly her size and full of energy, and they can often be found sleeping together in the ferrets’ cage.

“Posie has been such a delight to have in the house. She immediately crawls into any available lap or onto someone’s tummy to sleep. She meows very loudly when she wants attention, and my husband and I always say she’s like a physicist testing gravity. Why? She loves taking her toys to the top of the furniture and throwing them off.

“Her favorite toys are the tiny mice that rattle. She likes to carry them around the house. Her naughty trait is getting into the Christmas tree and pulling everything off. She also enjoys tails, whether it’s a ferret or kitty tail, she just has to play with it.

“Although she loves cuddles and pets, she doesn’t like being held much or kissed. She does, however, like drinking out of your cup, no matter what’s in it. She’s also been known to hop into the fridge and chirp at bugs.

“We love her so, so much and we know that everyone else does as well. She’s taken over our hearts completely, and she’s the best birthday present my husband ever gave me.”


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