Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Riley and the Bichiers

Riley crouched down atop a colorful blanket

As dedicated feline fanciers, the Bichiers were devastated by the loss of their kitty of fifteen long and loving years. To fill the void in their hearts and the emptiness in their home, they soon began searching for another purr-ecious pet to pamper.

Riley being held up in someone's arms“Black Jack, now known as Riley has adjusted very well to his new home!” exclaims Delores. “He’s a very curious cat and has a wonderful time exploring every nook and cranny of our house.

“He’s an absolute delight. He loves to play with his toy mice and with anything else he happens to find lying on the floor. He also spends a lot of time in his cat tower watching the birds and the wild life outside the window before settling down for a nap. In the evening, he’ll jump onto my lap and curl up to sleep.”

The only sticking point in this otherwise paw-fect situation is the fact that Riley and Maddie, the family’s 80-pound Doberman haven’t yet learned to co-exist peacefully.

“Picture this feisty little cat trying to pick a fight with a dog Maddie’s size every chance he gets. She’s deathly afraid of him. But I’m sure that with time and patience they’ll eventually adjust to one another. The fact that both of them sleep on the bed together shows that they’re already making progress.”

Paws crossed!

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Diane Stevens