Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Rosie, Alice and the Zerwigs

Rachel and her husband holding kittens

Rosie and Alice cuddling togetherWhereas Rachel had grown up around cats, Rosie and Alice (formerly Ruffles) were the first two she shared with her husband.

“We kept Rosie’s name because it grew on us, and because she looks like a Rosie,” explains Rachel, “while Ruffles became Alice. I’ve always wanted a kitty named Alice due to my minor obsession with ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

“Since we were looking for a kitten, we emailed Furry Friends to see if they had any available for adoption, and they emailed us photos of their most recent litter. We fell in love with Rosie just by looking at her picture. She had the cutest face! When we met her for the first time, we also met her sister, who crawled into my lap and stared up at me as if to say ‘will you take me too?’ right before closing her eyes and falling asleep. That was the moment I knew we had to adopt her as well.

“Their adjustment to us was almost immediate due to their having been really well socialized with people while they were being fostered, and their confidence is amazing! They’ve brought so much joy, laughter, and definitely entertainment into our lives. We look forward to seeing their sweet, little faces every day and they instantly boost our morale if we ever feel down. They also keep us calm and relaxed when they nap, purring, on our laps.

Rosie and Alice as kittens, snuggling and sleeping together“Both are very energetic. They love cardboard boxes, playing with different toys, and chasing each other through the house. Alice especially enjoys her stuffed mice and always carries them around with her, while Rosie enjoys strings and batting around anything that rolls and bounces off the ground.

“Rosie loves to jump and leap, and her latest craze is leaping onto the dining room table from the cat tree. Alice isn’t as confident, but she’s a climber. Her way of getting up onto the dining room table is to crawl up the chairs. She also likes pushing books off the bookshelf as Rosie watches, and she’s just begun making these high pitched trills, which are very faint but so cute. The kitties play off one another – monkey see, monkey do – and they love grooming each other, especially before naptime.

“Alice is the cuddler and loves being petted and held, while Rosie has a more independent streak and tolerates being cuddled when she’s very sleepy. She does like a good pet every once in a while, but she’ll let you know when she’s had enough.

“When we’re home during the day, the kitties love napping on the couch or on their cat tree. At night, they have their own room, where they can choose between two different beds or the kitty condo we made from cardboard boxes lined with comfy blankets.”

Rosie and Alice on a shelf, stepping over large, white letters that spell JONES

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Diane Stevens