“Ruth Daisy is our third cat,” Marianne explains. “Since one had passed, Monte and I wanted a friend for our remaining cat, Vadim.

“Although Daisy was her original name, after getting to know her, she seemed more like a Ruth Daisy Bon Temp.”

Meow about one kitty mouthful!

“We went to a showing at a PetSmart and knew immediately that she was the one! After bringing her home, we kept her in a private room so that she and Vadim could get used to each other. We’d had a kiddy gate up for about two weeks until one Saturday when Vadim jumped over it and we let her out. They promptly played chase for hours.

“While they both like one another, sometimes they need their own space. But when we’re gone and come back home, they’re always hanging out together. Their favorite toys are boxes and paper bags. My advice to other cat owners: save your money and just set out these simple items for hours of kitty fun!

“Ruth Daisy is pure joy and happiness. Anytime you help an animal they give you the best energy and make every day a day worth living. She’s extremely loving, and yet she seeks out pets and love at 5 AM! Blame it on summertime. But when winter comes, that’s when the good ‘heat-seeking’ love will come out.

“One of her favorite things to do is boot Vadim, who’s much larger, out of his cat pole. She’ll do this over and over every day, then take over the pole as if she’s declaring victory.

“As for sleeping, she sleeps wherever she wants: our bed, one of her many cat beds and sometimes in her ‘private room’ – oddly enough, on the floor right in your way.”

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