Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Shadow and the Froebers

Shadow sitting on a blanket, looking at the camera

Shadow sitting on the windowsill, looking out the windowThe first time Wendy and Jasen saw Shadow at Petsmart, they knew instantly that she was the one for them.

“We filled out an application the same day,” says Wendy. “What really won our hearts was Shadow’s shyness and delicate demeanor.

“She quickly adapted to her new home which includes our cat, Tigger, and two parakeets. While Tigger’s not quite sure about Shadow yet, Shadow keeps trying to win her over. And she’s one very pampered pussycat — she has her own bedroom with her own bed, a huge picture window and lots of toys.

Shadow as a kitten, wrapped up in a green cat toy“Her favorite toy is a mouse which she carries around in her mouth, while one of her favorite things to do is lie flat on her back and stare up at the birdcage. She LOVES being brushed and petted softly, and she’s such a beautiful addition to our family that we couldn’t imagine our lives without her.

“Thank you, Furry Friends, for the gift of Shadow.”

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Diane Stevens