Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Shiloh, Sawyer and the Haigs

Sawyer and Shiloh playing with a toy together

Sawyer laying in his cat bed“This summer I had to put down my 20-year-old Annie,” explains Jan. “I cherished that cat, and I’ve had cats in my life since the age of six.

“I would only go through rescue groups to adopt, and knew once I looked for a cat, it wouldn’t take me long to find one. I was secretly hoping to adopt two that were already bonded, and with Furry Friends the only site I visited, I immediately saw Shiloh and Sawyer.

“I LOVE tabbies! Their faces are so cute (my first cat was an orange kitty), so I would get the best of both worlds. Although they were seven years old, and Sawyer had only limited vision, I wasn’t deterred in the least.

Shiloh sitting atop a chair, gazing out the window“I brought them home and set them up in the bedroom. Shiloh was the first to warm up. She slept on the bed with me and continues to do so, especially when she can snuggle under the covers. She also follows me through the house and likes napping on my lap.

“Sawyer, on the other hand, stayed in the closet for two days, not even coming out unless I brought him out. Then he found a hiding spot under the bed, but he would only venture out occasionally. Now he has his own kitty bed under it, where he feels secure, but as soon as there’s activity, he’s out saying hello. He’ll undoubtedly feel more comfortable in time, and while his vision may be limited, he confidently walks around without bumping into things.

“We have Ruby, a 15-year-old Golden Retriever, but so far, the cats have ignored her. Sometimes, though, they forget how close they are to her, but they’ve never hissed or been reluctant to walk past her. Strangely enough, Sawyer is very curious about the dog and keeps getting closer to her, and I even envision them sleeping together soon.

Shiloh standing,back arched, aware

“They didn’t play with toys when they first got here, but have juat started playing with them. They’re also hanging out with each other more as they get more comfortable in their surroundings, and I’ll soon get them a cat tree so they can hang out there as well.

“I was recently gone for two days and they really warmed up to my husband. He’s always talking to Sawyer, to keep him engaged.

“I’m so glad I could provide a home for Shiloh and Sawyer, who were a little harder to place. And I find myself falling in love all over again.”


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Diane Stevens