Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Sir Geoffrey von Bramblepelt and the Flowers

Mark and Sir Geoffrey von Bramblepelt

Sir Geoffrey von Bramblepelt relaxing on the carpetHaving always known the love of cats, Mark and Blaine could no more live without one than they could live without air. And so, when they adopted Bentley, whose name they promptly changed to the regal Sir Geoffrey von Bramblepelt, the couple was, quite literally walking on air.

“Geoffrey is a wonderful little fluff kid,” says Blaine, “and we all love him. While our resident cat, Leeloo Dallas Multipass, a very dominant puss, isn’t entirely enamored of him just yet, she’ll come around in time. We lost our other cat to illness over the winter, and adopting Geoffrey was a major step in the healing process for me. By the end of the second day, it seemed that he’d accepted he wasn’t going anywhere, and he started making himself at home in my office.

“He’s a champion nap taker, and nothing seems to startle him. When he’s not practicing for the next snooze competition, he likes to scamper about the house with his tail up, ‘meow trilling’ at everyone within earshot to chase him. Then he arches his back and scrambles off some place to hide. He also loves games and toys, especially one particular ribbon toy, and when he’s not playing hide and seek, he’s playing with one of them.

“He’s extremely fond of watching ‘TV’ (i.e., sitting in the cat tower near the living room window and staring at the birds that visit our feeders). And where Don Quixote had his windmills, Sir Geoffrey ‘tilts’ at the encroaching menace of the insidious Red Dot (a laser pointer). Properly acrobatic when chasing that villainous dot, he’ll try to climb up the wall and even pull a bit of a ‘wall run’ once he really gets going.

“If given the choice – and the chance — he’d be more than happy living outside in a tree since his favorite spot in the house is the top of a stable cat tower which, itself, rests on top of the bookshelf in my office. There’s a foot of space between the top of the tower and the ceiling, and he likes to nap there in between sessions of running around and mauling toys.

“His favorite times of the day appear to be breakfast and dinner. Both Sir Geoffrey and Leeloo are fed twice a day with equal measures of wet and dry food. He gobbles up the wet food and nibbles at the dry food to keep him satisfied in between meals.

“An independent cat with a lap cap streak, Sir Geoffrey is very, very affectionate. He LOVES attention and will actively seek it out whenever he feels he deserves more than he’s been getting. He likes pets, ‘scritches’, hugs, and even cuddles, and is very polite about informing us when he’s done and wants to be put back down. He’ll usually vocalize first and move a little, then wait patiently until we get the message.”

As for the regal one’s sleeping arrangements?

“He currently has two favorite spots: the cat tower near the living room window and the one on the bookshelf in my office.”

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Diane Stevens