“I previously had two long term kitties named Molly and Poppi,” explains Cassia, “and I didn’t really choose Snow White and Eliza Doolittle. They chose me!

“As soon as I saw them online, my husband and I went in to meet them and bring them home, where their adjustment to us was instantaneous. I had prepared multiple comfy hiding spots for the two of them but they ignored them all and immediately chose our family couch, located front and center, to lounge on.

“With these two around, my family is filled with more love and laughter. Even my husband who’s not a ‘cat person’ sweet talks them and loves being the one chosen to snuggle with. In fact, they’re both huge snugglers! They often investigate the availability of our laps for snuggle time, then hop on up for loud purrs and head bops.

“Not that they don’t love playing, because they do – particularly with feathers and string. And since Snow White is a scavenger, we often find items from the trash in peculiar places, leading us to lock down the trashcan!”

And where do these two committed cuddle bugs sleep?
“Anywhere on people.”

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