Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Sophia and the Belshers

For Furry Friends’ volunteers, Miranda and Tyler, love came in the form of a sickly kitty with fire in her eyes and a spirit to match. Her name was Maggie, and although the couple waited several months before she was fully recovered and ready for adoption, the wait was paws-itively worth it.

With her name changed to the slinkier, sexier Sophia, she set about lavishing the Belshers’ world with her special Sophia loving.

“She’s greatly affected our life,” says Miranda, “making it fuller and happier, and making each day a better day. Tyler always teases me because when I come home after a 12-hour shift in the Emergency Department of the psychiatric hospital where I work, I go straight to Sophia, pick her up, give her kisses, cuddle and play with her before I even acknowledge him! She de-stresses and decompresses me. She’s such a source of joy and happiness, and soon nothing else matters. She’s made us a little family. We take her everywhere, and she loves it. She’s our ‘adventure’ kitty.

“Having come from a foster home filled with other cats, it took her awhile to realize that she didn’t have to share her space anymore and that she had an entire home to call hers. Now, of course, she not only laps the house on a regular basis in a flash, but she loves that she has two parents who spoil her daily with cuddles and loving, playing and toys. She especially enjoys chasing her feather wand and her assortment of little mice, and if we’re not available to play with her, she’ll gladly amuse herself by playing with them on her own. She’s very, very active – from sunrise to sundown – and the longest time she’s in one place is at night when she’s asleep in bed with us.

“She loves going for walks around the neighborhood with us, and gets along fabulously with the chick we have! A definite blend of lap cat and independent cat, as much as Sophia adores being cuddled and held while she purrs and makes muffins, there are times when she’s completely independent and on a mission to play or soak up the sun on the couch by the window.

“One of her cutest quirks is that when we leave the house she yowls — not the quiet, raspy meow she uses all the time to “talk” to us – but an actual yowl! And she’ll yowl again when we return until we pick her up and give her the attention she craves.”


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Diane Stevens