Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Sophie, Milo and the Bauhs

blue point Siamese Kitty Blue lounging on the carpet

Sophie and Milo sitting about relaxing“I was gifted with my first kitty when I was 15 years old,” explains Gail. “A beautiful blue point Siamese named Kitty Blue. Since then I’ve never been without a furry friend. Sophie (formerly Puff) is number 24 and newly adopted Milo is number 25.

“When I read the story of why she was given up by her original family, I knew I had to meet her. Apparently she had been surrendered because she was getting old and didn’t play with the new kitten in the household. No cats should be cast aside just because they aren’t as playful as they were when they were young.

“Sophie has adjusted to us very well. She plays, explores, begs for treats, and lets us know when she wants affection. To say she loves being petted is putting it mildly! We were told she didn’t like to be held, but we’ve been practicing with her, and now we can hold her and carry her around the house while she purrs. She also didn’t care for cuddling at first, but now that she’s used to it, she enjoys it for short bits of time.

“We love how she greets us in the morning with long stretches, purrs and little chirps. She’ll also seek us out when we oversleep and ‘tell’ us it’s time for ‘crunchies’. Although she seems quite self-sufficient, she prefers being around us. When I work from home, she spends the day in her perch near my desk. She may be delicate, quiet and easygoing, but she’s very friendly with guests, and will gladly let them pet her.

Sophie and Milo in the room together“Her favorite toy is a long sausage link filled with cat nip. She keeps it near her all day and often lies across it to protect it from Milo. She also likes chasing a feather on the end of a fishing pole, pushing the ball around the track of her scratching pad, and using the many scratching posts located around the house.

“She absolutely LOVES greenies! If we forget to give them to her, she marches up to us meowing and demanding attention NOW! As soon as she has her treats, she contentedly wanders off to clean and nap. As for sleeping at night, she sleeps wherever she wants — either on the ottoman in the living room, in her bed by the fireplace or on the rug in the dining room.

“But this happy tail wouldn’t be complete with mentioning Milo. Besides the difference in their colors (Sophie is gray and Milo is ginger), Milo is a high-energy hunter compared with his milder ‘sister’, Sophie. Immediately curious about each other when they first met, they never hissed or fought, but there was certainly a good deal of nose sniffing! Now they romp about together, play with their toys, and take turns chasing each other from one end of the house to the other.”

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Diane Stevens