Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Stevie Kitts and the Calverts

Stevie and Nina sitting near each other, chilling

What do two ardent fans of legendary rock ‘n roller, Stevie Nicks, do when they adopt a “cool cat” called Fern? They swiftly change her name to Stevie Kitts … Stevie for short.

“She was so fun and interactive when we met her,” explains Kristen. “We knew right then that she was for us. Surprisingly, her adjustment to our place was almost immediate. She hid for about two hours under our dining-room table, but by the end of the night she was in my lap and ready to party!

Stevie sitting up, looking alert“She brings us so much happiness and joy, and because she LOVES attention, we make hwhen she’s ready for some loving! Her favorite time is relaxing time. The minute I sit down, she’s immediately on my lap snuggling and begging for her bum scratches and rubdowns.

“She also LOVES the outdoors. I vowed that I’d never let her outside for fear she’d get loose or hurt, but she’ll whine and cry if she doesn’t get her outside time (we have a special kitty harness and leash for her), and of course, she gets her way.

“We have a little dog named Nina who’s about Stevie’s size, and they LOVE to wrestle and play. I’m convinced that Stevie thinks she’s a dog. She’ll meow when the dog barks; she’ll scratch at the door when she wants to be outside, and she’ll eat and beg like a dog. She’s definitely a silly girl.

“Sizzling with energy (“energetic” is an understatement), Stevie loves anything she can bat at and chase around the house. Sometimes it sounds and feels like we have ten cats! Then, like clockwork, when it’s nighttime, she climbs into bed with us and goes to sleep.”

Meow about a well-deserved rest … zzzzzz …

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Diane Stevens