Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Tor and the Medinas

Tormund Giantsbane cuddling with children on the couch

Little girl poking Tormund Giantsbane's nose“Tor is our first family kitty,” Amber explains. “Although his original name was Tom, we changed it to Tormund Giantsbane after a ‘Game of Thrones’ character, but we just call him Tor.

“Because we wanted a young kitty to grow up around our toddler, and his write up was so awesome, it was easy to add him to our household.

“After hiding during the day for the first few days, he decided he was more of a night lover. Now he’s super social ALL the time!

“We absolutely adore him. He and our 3-year-old are BFF’s. She carries him around all the time and Tor takes it like a champ.

“We have a bunny that comes inside sometimes. While Tor was very curious about him and sniffed at him a lot, the bunny didn’t seem to care.

“Being a night lover, he’s super calm during the day and highly energetic at night. But he also has a large basket of toys and he takes them out one by one and plays with them constantly.

“Despite having an independent streak, Tor LOVES being petted and cuddled, and I think he truly thrives on attention.

“One of his funnier habits is chasing flies that get into the house while doing this really weird, chattering kind of meow. He also likes sitting at the dinner table with us and pretending he’s a person!

And where does this night lover sleep when he DOES sleep at night? “In bed with my husband and me.”

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Diane Stevens