Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Zoe and the Stokesbarys

Cori holding Zoe and smilingCori in winter sweater hugging Zoe on snowy afternoonHaving owned two kitties as a child and none as a married adult, Cori found herself missing the “purring and the cute little noises they make.”

Cue Zoe!

“When I first saw her online,” Cori says, “I thought she looked like the little kitten meme that’s everywhere on social media. My husband and I weren’t planning to adopt her right away, but when we met her — she was the softest and cutest kitten I’d ever seen — we both fell in love. And I hated thinking of someone else taking her.”

Originally called Autumn, she was renamed Zoe to better fit her personality: spunky, independent and brave, then swiftly nicknamed “Sweets” because of her sweetness.

“I’m so glad we adopted her! We love her so much and we’re so pleased that we chose her to join our family. She’s wonderful company for our 5-year-old dog, Sally, and she makes me feel that my life is complete. Without her around, everybody gets bored. She normally snuggles with me in the mornings, curls up beside me on the couch when she’s tired, and follows me around the house like a little kitty shadow.

Zoe sitting in Cori's lap“When she first came home, she was given her own room, complete with a crate, food and water. I’d enter the room a little bit at a time until she became really attached to me. It took her awhile longer to get used to the house – mainly because of Sally – but now the two of them love each other and play chase every so often. Because Zoe’s so affectionate, she tries to be ‘lovey dovey’ with Sally, but Sally doesn’t always want the attention. The happy result is that Zoe gets all the attention she could ever want from me!

“Easygoing with short spurts of energy, she loves her cat trees and loves scratching them. She also loves playing with small boxes from old gifts, but she’s not that interested in most of the toys we buy her. What she does like, though, is the tassel with the bell on it, the laser pointer, and the dangly feather toy that we control.

“I love when I wake up because all I hear is her ‘talking’ to me about how hungry she is. And one of her cutest quirks is when she sits on her butt with her bottom legs out and her right leg in the air as if to say ‘look at my leg.’”

And where does “Sweets” sleep at night?

“Wherever she wants.”

Zoe sitting on purple blanket

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Diane Stevens