Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Zuma and the Jacksons

If eyes truly are the window to the soul, then the beautiful blue eyes of a cat named Sahara allowed Nadya Jackson a paws-itive peek into his sweet and sensitive one.

“As soon as I saw him during my visit to his foster family,” says Nadya, “I fell in love with him. And the moment I brought him home, my little son fell in love with him too, quickly changing his name to Zuma after the cartoon character.

“His adjustment to life with us was immediate, and within days, all of us had bonded. He’s very affectionate and follows us everywhere we go. My son absolutely adores him and dotes on him, and hurries home from school every day to snuggle with him.

“Zuma’s general demeanor is fairly laid back and easygoing, but being as young as he is, he possesses a wonderful kitten energy and can be very playful. He loves playing fetch with the toy mice and various balls we buy him, and adores chasing the laser beam.”

Although the Jackson household has a resident dog, there appears to be no feline/canine friction between the two four-legged furries — at least for now. (Paws crossed). And, as for Zuma, his favorite place to be is where his two-legged family members are.

“Definitely a lap cat, Zuma thrives on being petted, cuddled and coddled. He also loves lying in bed with us when we watch TV at bedtime.”

And to think this bliss began with a pair of beautiful blue eyes.

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Diane Stevens