Abi has been volunteering with Furry Friends since October of 2018. She jumped in with both feet and we are amazed at all she does for the kitties. She has a heart of gold. When you email us at the information@furryfriendswa.org email address, she is the one on the other end receiving it. We treasure this girl and are so happy that she is with us. Here is what Abi has to say about herself.

“I spend probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 hours per week on just the emails, sometimes more. I also keep our cat waitlist, coordinate intakes, manage the voicemail team, go out and do emergency pickups and other transport of kitties (i.e., if owners don’t drive and need to relinquish, or when someone contacts us about kittens they’ve found). I also do quite a lot of cat trapping. All in all, I often spend 30 plus hours each week on Furry Friends work. When I’m doing big trapping projects I might spend a good deal more.

When it comes to cat intakes, I keep the list for all surrender requests from the community. I schedule these as well. I follow up on emails and voicemails from my voicemail team, and most weeks go and pick up kitties to bring in. In the last month I’ve picked up three mama and kitten combos, and one pregnant kitty, and brought them in so they could go to into foster care. I’ll go and catch kitties (Tigger & Patches were a couple), and pick up kitties other people have trapped (Clara, Toffee, Dexter and Diego) often with traps I bring to them. I arranged for a couple kitties to come up on a transport from California (Tegan, Bellamy). When I’m working on trapping projects, I will try to bring in nice, social kitties, if any turn up. Otherwise I take them to Southwest Washington Humane Society. I also do short term fostering.

I’m the Furry Friends’ representative to the Community Cat Project, a consortium of local rescue groups working on local community and feral cat issues. Through this partnership I have developed a very good working relationship with the staff at Southwest Washington Humane Society (SWHS). I’ve also developed relationships with dog rescues and a rabbit rescue through my work with Furry Friends (FF).

I do have a full time job outside of FF. My job entails business support services, including Human Resource and payroll for an Amazon contractor. I work from home (and have since I started, well before the pandemic). I am the single mother of two children, 14 and 10. I do donate to a lot of other animal rescue groups, but I don’t volunteer anywhere else; I can’t imagine finding the time. LOL

I love to read, shop, and do things with my kids. And sleep! Not much time for that! I have eight cats, four of which were foster fails from FF. I basically love cats beyond reason. LOL”

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