KATU Channel 2: Homeless cats hit the ‘kitty lottery’ by getting into Vancouver shelter

Lincoln Graves of KATU news petting a calico cat

by Lincoln Graves, KATU News

Tuesday, September 19th 2017

VANCOUVER, Wash. — There’s no shortage of animal lovers in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area. There’s also no shortage of animal shelters working to find homes for pets in need.

Diane Stevens is the spokesperson for one of those shelters.

“It’s like hitting the kitty lottery for a cat to get in here,” said Stevens of the feline-only shelter Furry Friends. “We don’t accept many cats. There’s a long waiting list to get in here.”

Furry Friends can seem like some kind of Airbnb for cats to first-time visitors. It’s housed in a nondescript home in Vancouver. Stevens calls it a “halfway house” for cats.

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Diane Stevens