By Jenn Hutchman

I have a few words to say about pet abandonment. Cat rescue is not all about cute kittens and cuddly cats. It is sick cats, abandoned cats, one year olds on their fourth litter of kittens, cats with diseases, and unfortunately dead kittens/cats.

Just today we have received calls on a cat set to be euthanized due to inappropriate urination with no other health issues (we have him now, his name is Murphy), a cat set to be euthanized because he is fiv+ and one year old otherwise healthy (we have him now, his name is Raggedy Andy) and now two cats that their owners moved and just locked them in a room with no food and water where they were found days later in very bad condition (we are working on getting them).

Raggedy Andy

Yesterday we got a call about 2 young boys being thrown outside to survive on their own because “they are too old now” they are 7 months old (we have them now, their names are Lewis and Clark) and they are the sweetest boys! You can tell they were taken care of up until this point so why just throw them outside to fend for themselves?

Last week we got the call about Nina who needed her tail amputated and her sister who were dumped in someone’s neighborhood. We have them both now and she has had her surgery.

If you have kittens or cats you cannot take care of please call animal rescues. There are many of them in the area and we all want to help. Dumping or abandoning your cats is never the answer! Euthanizing your healthy cat is not the answer and unfair to ask veterinarians to have to even do that because they do not want to.

Lewis and Clark

Also dumping your unaltered cats outside is just creating more cats. There are options. Please seek them out. If you’re moving and can’t take the cats start asking around eight weeks before you move. Make a plan.

If you don’t want to take care of kittens then get your cats spayed/neutered. Get on every single alter list there is and take the first spot available. Many times people get on the list then don’t even go to their spay/neuter appointment then complain how long the wait is. Make the appointment and get the cats fixed. Please. Rescues do not want to have to say no to helping but we cannot help everyone. Do your part for your pets and help us, please.



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