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A sweetheart that loves to be held and talked to

Chloe sleeping on a cat tower Chloe relaxing

  • SF
  • DOB: June 2003
  • Intake: May 2017
  • At CRVS 6/3-5/2017 for emergency care
  • On thyroid meds for life; stable
  • Prescription food for sensitive stomach

Hi, my name is Chloe.

I was born June 2003. I came to Furry Friends along with my housemate Millie. My human mom became ill and went into hospice care. Her two daughters contacted Furry Friends about taking us. We had been alone in the home for a few weeks with limited human attention. Millie, my housemate, is younger and has no medical issues. Furry Friends feels that during my time in the home, my health needs were over looked and my problems became worse. I was becoming sicker and sicker.

I am about 15 years old.  I had an ultra sound done on 6-5-17 which showed I have enlarged lymph nodes and intestinal thickening which could point to IBD or lymphoma.  They chose to treat me with Prednisone which will help either problem.  Furry Friends didn’t pursue more testing because of my age and the invasiveness of the procedure.  I was anemic when I came to Furry Friends.  My blood work shows that I have hyperthyroidism.  I also have pancreatitis which has been treated with meds.

I receive Prednisolone 0.8ml which is a liquid drawn up in a syringe every 12 hours.  I also receive Methimazone 0.1ml applied as a cream to the hairless portion of inner ear every 12 hrs, alternating between the R ear and L ear.  I am on a prescription dry food for digestion.

I am a sweetheart and would love for you to hold and talk to me.  I have no problems with using the litter box and am very easy to care for.

Update on Chloe May 2018

Since coming to Furry Friends in 2017, Chloe has made much progress. She is now over 9 lbs and has normal blood and thyroid counts. She is off all prednisone. Her coat has grown in and is soft and not as greasy. She came to us quite ill with hyperthyroidism and what was diagnosed as nonspecific inflammation of bowel/pancreas. She was on meds for both including long term steroid use. She was also very anemic, very thin with matted, greasy hair. She is now off all medication except methimazole for her thyroid. She is off all steroids and has had a normal stable blood count for months now. She still needs prescription food for sensitive GI tract.

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