Sponsor Oliver

Handsome, dapper boy in an orange and white tuxedo

Orange tabby tuxedo Oliver standing on a yellow blanket Orange tabby tuxedo Oliver sitting in a cat tower, paws out Orange tabby tuxedo Oliver standing up

Oliver in a kitty towerHi, my name is Oliver,

Hi I am Oliver. I weigh in at 11 pounds and sport an orange and white tuxedo like suit. I like people and without thinking will start purring in anticipation of pets and love and hugs whenever people come around me.  I like touching heads too, I don’t know why but it is fun and intimate and gets me closer to pets and love and hugs by you!

I am sick. I feel fine right now, but I guess my heart is not fine.  I don’t understand everything but I overheard that I have a grade 3 heart murmur and a leaky heart valve. Whatever that means. I don’t have to take any medicine right now, which is cool, since that can’t taste good.  I will have to go see a cardiologist pretty often and I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I sure would like to have my own family to love and to love me back.  I am a good boy and would really like to meet you. Maybe I am the handsome dapper boy you have been looking for.

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