A note to our Furry Friends volunteers from our president Jaimie Garver. Furry Friends is a volunteer run organization. There is only one paid staff member which is our shelter manager.

Hi everyone, I wanted to take a minute of your time to let you all know how very much I appreciate you and what you do for Furry Friends and our community. I will try to put in to words the impact that you have no matter if you volunteer an hour a week or more, we all add value and support each other to have this amazing community of cat lovers that comes together to do this very rewarding work.

Impacts that volunteers have on Furry Friends and our community:

Because of you shy/scared cats have learned to trust again and get into homes, like Moomoo, Hunter and Popeye








Because of you cats that may have been deemed as “barn cats” elsewhere have been socialized and can sleep in real beds, like Gus, King and Bernie






Because of you FIV cats get into homes that love them, like Ulysses and Bruce









Because of you the community is being educated about FIV and how scary it’s NOT

Because of you injured cats are getting the medical care they need and deserve, like Fluffy, Blue and Raggedy Andy







Because of you Furry Friends cats are not only fed, but loved while they are with us

Because of you we have more than doubled the amount of cats we can help within the past two years.

Because of you the community supports our efforts and it shows in donations, shares, likes, and referrals .

Because of you MANY cats no longer have to have litter after litter of kittens, like Oliveoil. No more babies having babies!






Because of you we help hoarding situations and get those cats help and the owners education, like Gee and Cheeks






Because of you we can expand our programs and services to meet the most vital needs within our community, like the pet Pantry.

Because of you we can provide 100s of lbs of food to people who have temporary needs to keep cats in their homes

Because of you we can save the cats that most others wouldn’t, like Raggedy Andy and Linus







Because of you lonely people now have pet companions.

Because of you sassy cats, who would sit in other places for years, get into the perfect home for them, like Emmy, Rosie, Baby Girl and Priscilla







Because of you we save cats from euthanasia when they are at the vets and owners can’t or won’t afford their care, like Murphy, Larry & Gina, and Trax

Because of you Furry Friends can help other rescues to help more cats

That is just a SMALL snapshot of what you all mean to me, Furry Friends and the community. So, a heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers, fosters, socializers, leadership, permanent fosters, sponsors, donors and everyone who is involved with Furry Friends!

Jaimie Garver

President of Furry Friends

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