Danielle Chauncey has been volunteering for Furry Friends since November of 2019 and has since worn a few different hats. Starting out as a foster she has now joined the board of directors as the secretary. She said she got involved with Furry Friends after driving past a “Free Kittens” sign in the middle of nowhere. She called Furry friends for help and Furry Friends onboarded her as a foster and had her get all five kittens. She has foster failed more times than she would like to admit but says her ultimate dream would be to own a rescue farm.

Outside of helping the kitties she enjoys playing board games, reading, singing karaoke, camping, hiking with her husband and pups, and kayaking.

When asked what her proudest moment as a volunteer was, she said, “Simply helping kittens grow and learn and mature before finding them their forever homes. It’s really important to me that all of my foster kittens are frequently handled by men, women and children, are surrounded by cats that aren’t their siblings and are also comfortable with dogs, strange noises and receiving lots and lots of LOVE. Nothing makes me happier than when an adoptive family sends me updates on the kittens I once housed. Seeing them grown, happy and in caring homes is the best feeling!”

If there was one thing she could say to the community about cat rescue work it would be “It’s not as easy as it looks, but it is certainly rewarding. Also, PLEASE spay and neuter your pets!!”
Thank you Danielle & Luke for all of your hard work with Furry Friends and raising such healthy and happy babies!

This spotlight was written by Jenn Hutchman

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