Mary Jane and Michael Holland have been fosters for Furry friends since September 20th, 2020. Since then they have fostered 14 kittens and 1 mama kitty with only 2 foster fails. They became involved 2 years after losing their 14 year old Bengal, Shari. They were interested in getting a new cat and thought fostering would ease them back into cat ownership. They were impressed with Furry Friends mission and that is why they chose to foster with us.

When asked about their fosters they said, “Our first fosters were a mama long haired Calico named Harley and her 3 kittens, Harry, Howie and Huey. The next 3 were male tuxedo cats, Panda, Star and Pugsie.  Out of those 6, 4 found homes immediately. The 2 that didn’t became our forever pets, Harley and Pugsie. They have been amazing help with all the following fosters. Socialization and cleanliness habits are their specialities.”

They do have other hobbies outside of fostering, Michael is an avid golfer and Mary Jane likes to knit and crochet.  They both like to read and take walks in some of the beautiful places they find in the area.

Mary Jane expressed that the most rewarding moments are when they find the perfect humans for their foster kitties and she is proud of her and Michael for being able to give up the kittens that they have raised into wonderful furry companions.

One thing they would say to the community about pet rescue work is to get involved with whatever you can do.  Spread the word about spaying and neutering, give money to help keep the process going, or volunteer to help at the facility or by fostering cats and /or kittens.

Thank you Mary Jane and Michael for being such loving and dependable fosters for Furry Friends!

This spotlight was written by Jenn Hutchman

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