A big shoutout to our Furry friends Voicemail Team! This task often goes unnoticed as it is not in the forefront for most volunteers or followers. This task however is one of the most important as it is literally a lifeline for some of the cats and kittens we take in. This “job” is not a small one and not an easy one. Some days there are no messages and other days 20. Our voicemail team takes these messages and returns calls then forwards all the information to the next key people. There are times that vet offices call and need a timely decision to help a cat and it is our responsiveness that saves these lives. Other calls could be about found kittens, injured strays, donations, referral services, etc. All of these calls are important and our team ensures that everyone who calls feels heard and gets a timely response. Our goal is call backs same day and we usually meet this goal.

This is our current voicemail team:

Jenn Hutchman – Voicemail Lead

Debbie Baughman

Jazmynn Hoffman

Lois Bosland

Mary Wakely

Karen Grafmyre

Thank you!!


This spotlight written by Jenn Hutchman

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