By : Jazmynn Hoffman

When Sandra learned that Furry Friends is a no-kill cat rescue, the animal-lover who has devoted her life to helping animals knew that the organization was the perfect place for her.

A volunteer on the Tuesday evening Halfway House cleaning crew, Sandra joined about 7 months ago and is now the co-shift lead on her team.

Sandra is passionate about animal rights and welfare, and volunteering at Furry Friends is just one of many ways she has put her passion into action. Additionally, she volunteers towards implementing animal friendly laws within our community as well as animal welfare outreach. Her love of animals led her to become a vegetarian who advocates switching to a plant-based diet!

Outside of animal rights work, Sandra enjoys baking, traveling, hiking, painting and learning new languages! So far, she speaks French, German, and Chinese. She and her husband also have 2 cats of their own, whom they adopted from another shelter where they previously volunteered. She says her kitties are sometimes a bit suspicious when she comes home from Furry Friends and smells like other cats!

When asked if there was one thing Sandra could say to the community about cat rescue work, she shared, “I often tell people that the rescuer’s job seems to be one of the hardest ones: they find cats who are suffering alone, they hear awful stories of people mistreating cats, and at the same time they also hear wonderful stories of people and cats and they get to help kitties. It must be a roller coaster, and I appreciate you all so much!”

Thank you, Sandra, for all the work you put in at Furry Friends and everything you do to help animals who cannot speak for themselves. Rescue work is not easy and it takes a very special person to dedicate their life to it! We are so lucky to have you!

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