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  • Volunteer Liability

    I authorize Furry Friends volunteers to print and distribute the above Personal Contact Information to other Furry Friends volunteers.

    Furry Friends does not carry insurance to cover me as a volunteer. I understand that there is a possibility of health or injury risk to humans and personal pets when caring for rescued animals and I hereby agree to hold Furry Friends harmless from any and all liability, damage or personal injury resulting from volunteer service.

    I understand that because I may handle and/or come in contact with animals, it is important to discuss being vaccinated against tetanus with my physician. I release Furry Friends, from all responsibility that may occur because of my not pursuing this matter further and I understand whatever decision I make is at my own risk.

    I acknowledge and understand that as a volunteer of Furry Friends, I am not covered by workers’ compensation or any other insurance policy through Furry Friends for any damages or injuries I may sustain during volunteer activities. I understand that I am responsible for obtaining health insurance coverage through an independent health insurance company.

    I fully understand that as a part of my volunteer work for Furry Friends, I will come into contact with animals either by directly handling them, fostering or through assisting in their care and a doption. Further, I understand that working with animals carries a risk of injury, and that it is possible that I may be bitten, scratched, and/or otherwise injured.

    I fully understand that as a volunteer and/or foster home for Furry Friends, my family may come in contact with animals at Furry Friends events, and I and my family and/or guests may come into contact with animals in my home if I am fostering an animal. I understand that working with animals carries a risk of injury, and it is possible that my family and/or guests may be bitten, scratched and/or otherwise injured.

    My signature to this volunteer liability release attests to my intent to hold harmless and release from all liability Furry Friends or any of its past, present or future Officers, agents, volunteers, employees or assigns, from all acts which are related to the normal performance of required and implied duties. My signature, whether original, by fax or any other electronic means, is valid as if it were an original signature.

    In case of emergency, I authorize Furry Friends to notify my emergency contacts listed above.


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  • Furry Friends Code of Conduct

    As volunteers for Furry Friends you are the face of our organization and are the public’s first and every impression of who we are. We are 100% dependent on the public to donate their money, time and goodwill so we can keep saving the cats that we save. Our behavior must be appropriate at all times.

    As you do your work at the Halfway House socializing or working your shift, transporting cats to and from vet appointments or are at a summer Park Event, keep in mind that You Are Furry Friends.

    You never know who is coming through the Halfway House or attending an event or activity. Our sponsors and members of the community donate thousands of dollars to Furry Friends every year and they may be invited for a visit to see how their generous donations are being put to use. It may also be a potential adopter visiting our cats that could be our next benefactor. You never know who will be around to see how you behave or hear how you talk and what you say. We expect you to behave in a professional, respectful manner around your fellow volunteers and everyone you encounter while representing or being identified as a FF volunteer.

    • Volunteers must not be under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol. We expect volunteers to be sober and in their right mind for the safety of the cats and others.
    • No swearing. This language can be very offensive and inappropriate. Furry Friends is a business and volunteers must use appropriate and professional language.
    • Please keep your political and religious opinions at home.
    • No trash talking of other volunteers or the public. Volunteers must remember that everyone at Furry Friends is a volunteer. We come from different backgrounds and have different experiences but we are all here because of the cats.
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