Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Beebs and Mildred Chamberlain

Sasha rubbing her face on the couch

Elderly lady smiling and holding Sasha in her armsMeow about the purr-fect picture of feline and human contentment, a mutual admiration society made for two. Meet beautiful Beebs (formerly named Sasha) and marvelous Mildred who are both clearly head over paws in love.

“The reason I chose Beebs,” Mildred says, “was because of her personality, and the reason I changed her name was because of another cat who lived with me years ago and who looked just like her.”

In exchange for her new name, this kiss-able kitty changed Mildred’s life by bringing her the treasured gift of constant companionship.

“Her adjustment to life in my world was immediate. Beebs is such a well-behaved kitty that I could hardly believe I found such an ideal match for me. She’s very laid back and easygoing and makes every one of my days as delicious as the treats she loves so much.”