Volunteer Spotlight on Brooke Peterson

Introducing Brooke, the multi-talented, Japanese speaking, cat volunteering college student of the Monday halfway house shift! She has been volunteering since the summer of 2017 when she was debating what type of service to do for her high school’s National Honor Society. “I was most interested in working more with animals,” she said. “I have four […]

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Volunteer Spotlight on Tina Starks

 Like almost every kid at the Recycled Arts Festival, Tina Starks saw the booth with cats and immediately dragged my parents over so I could see. When her father made it clear that none of those cats were going to come home with Tina’s family, she did the next best thing: sign up to be […]

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Cats in need of a Vet Tech

Crazy about cats? Not enough hair on your clothes already? If you are a veterinary technician wanting to give back to your community, then Furry Friends would like to talk to you. The cats, kittens and good folks at Furry Friends are looking for a qualified volunteer veterinary technician to help with the medical duties. […]

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In the spotlight: Abi Harrington

Abi has been volunteering with Furry Friends since October of 2018. She jumped in with both feet and we are amazed at all she does for the kitties. She has a heart of gold. When you email us at the information@furryfriendswa.org email address, she is the one on the other end receiving it. We treasure […]

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Familiar with the old axiom: never judge a book by its cover? The same holds true for cats deemed less desirable than other cats. These less than “purr-fect” kitties may have medical conditions, physical limitations or behavioral issues but we at Furry Friends believe that cats with special needs deserve special owners who are dedicated […]

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Furry Friends Fur-Ever: Jasper and the Emerts

“Jasper, formerly Rascal (we wanted a name with a similar sound), is the most recent in a long line of kitties in our lives,” Mary says. “My kitty soul mate, Kisa, passed away a few years ago. She was a beautiful Russian Blue, and my husband, Eric, also had gray cats he’d loved in the […]

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Micro-chipping: Turning Lost into Found

By Nomi Berger Furry Friends offers low cost micro-chipping at their Esther Short Park events in Vancouver, WA. Visit their booth at the Recycled Arts Festival in June and the Peace and Justice Fair in September. The cost for micro-chipping your cat or dog through Furry Friends is only $20 (a $60 value). Millions of […]

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Acro Cats event image of cats on a stage playing instruments

Volunteers Needed for Acro-Cats Show

The Acro-Cats are coming May 25 and 26 and Furry Friends is looking for volunteers to work at the shows. Every volunteer will get to see the show for free which is a $22 to $39 value. We provided the volunteer effort last time they were in town and we received a check for $920. […]

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Kitten chasing laser light toy

Cat Tails: Laser Pointers: Paws Up or Down?

Pet parents find that cats of all ages — from playful kittens to sedentary seniors — will often engage in laser pointer play, stimulating them and encouraging them to be more mobile with minimal effort on their humans’ part. But as ideal as it sounds, are laser toys good for — even safe for – […]

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Cowlitz kittens all eating food together

Cowlitz Kitten Update – November 2018

Ten kittens were rescued from a hoarding situation in Cowlitz County in June. We were told the kittens were relatively healthy, this was not the case. We should have known that hoarding and healthy do not go hand in hand. By the time they reached Furry Friends we were committed to helping them. They were […]

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Dena Hugh holding a bi-color cat in her arms

Interview with Dena Hugh, Fabulous Feline Foster

Q: How long have you volunteered with Furry Friends? A: Since December 2015. Q: How did you get involved with Furry Friends? A: While I’ve taken in many strays and other animals who have lost their way, I’ve always wanted to do more. I live alone in a three-bedroom house, and with no one to […]

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Kittens washed in the sink, being checked for ringworm

Cowlitz Kitten Update -August 2018

By Jennifer Hart, president of Furry Friends As many of you know, the Cowlitz kittens are 10 babies that we rescued from a hoarding situation. They were almost dead and have required a lot of time, money and attention. On Sunday August 19 I was lucky enough to help Dena Hugh, their foster mom, bathe […]

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Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Casanova and the Johns

“What to say about Casanova that hasn’t already been said!” exclaims one very excited Vickie. “In a lazy moment, I call him Cas, but more often buddy or my little friend. “In chatting with Sandy at the Halfway House, she told me that Casanova had diabetes and needed insulin therapy twice a day, monitoring of […]

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Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Dufur and the Gilberts

“Life is good!” Elaine declares. “My husband and I have had at least eight cats during our 55 years of marriage, and we both agree that while Dufur (formerly Garfield) has proven the most challenging to acclimate, he’s been more than worth the effort. All of our grown children, who are dedicated cat owners themselves, […]

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Smiling children with a dog

Van. Family Mag: Finding a Lifetime Friend through Pet Adoption

Who could resist those fluffy bundles of joy?” asks Diane Stevens of Furry Friends in Vancouver, a nonprofit, no-kill, cat adoption agency. Who indeed? Fluffy kittens are definitely one of the agency’s most popular adopted pets, affirms Stevens. Denise Barr of Humane Society for Southwest Washington echoes the affection, “Expect your heart to never be […]

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NW Boomers: Diane Stevens-Volunteer Spotlight

Diane Stevens talks a little about what her role is at Furry Friends. In addition to being the Marketing Director and on several committees, she spends much of her time photographing and educating people on how wonderful our Furry Friends cats are.

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Sadie is happy in her forever home. Photo by Silver Paws Studio

Catster Magazine: At FF the Joy outweighs the heartache

Early in her rescue career, Jennifer Hart learned street cats are not always what they seem. The president of Furry Friends, a no-kill shelter in Vancouver, Washington, once trapped a lot of homeless kitties, assuming they were feral. She quickly discovered that many of these cats were not feral at all.

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Marci Koski at her home petting her cat Samantha

The Columbian: Marci Koski, cat behaviorist

Furry Friends volunteer Marci Koski was recently featured in an article by the Columbian. In addition to being the Furry Friends Director of Social Media, she also has a feline behavior business. Read more about it [buttonred link=”https://www.columbian.com/news/2015/nov/02/working-in-clark-county-marci-koski-cat-behaviorist/”]HERE[/buttonred]

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