“Mr. Floofmeister is our third kitty,” says Laura. “We have two female kitties named Catmeat and Diva. We had no plans to get a third cat, but we were browsing the Furry Friends website (as one does) and instantly fell in love with Mr. Floofmeister. We kept his original name so we wouldn’t give him an identity crisis. While his name is Mr. Floofmeister, he likes to go by Floofy for short.

“When we saw his picture, he was so adorable that it was impossible to think of anyone else taking care of him besides us. Then we read his cute bio and knew he would be a blessing to our family. Mr. Floofmeister was a VERY popular kitten! There were applications ahead of us, and we weren’t sure if we would even have the opportunity to meet him. His foster mom Tanya was amazing during the entire adoption process. As other applicants fell through, we finally had the chance to meet him and it was an instant match.

“Because of our other two cats, we knew introductions would be crucial to setting up a successful long-term relationship between them. Although we kept Mr. Floofmeister in our bedroom and Catmeat and Diva in the living room, we fed them together and did a slow introduction. To our relief, Floofy wasn’t afraid at all, and after a few days he was ready to explore our entire home! He has such a sweet personality that it was easy for Catmeat and Diva to accept him.

“Floofy is so affectionate. Not only does he love being close to my face to cuddle but he especially loves my boyfriend and delights in rubbing himself against his beard as often as possible. To us, Floofy will always be the baby of the family, and thankfully, all three of our cats get along famously. In fact, we love to show pictures and videos of them interacting together in our family group chats and work chats.

“Floofy LOVES playing with toys that he has to chase. He runs, jumps on the furniture, plays with the ‘girls,’ and when he catches the toy, he shows it ‘who’s in charge’ by bunny kicking it! He also chirps a lot, randomly letting out a melody of chirps. In the morning when I wake up and put my feet down to get out of bed, Floofy’s always first in line to say ‘good morning’ before guiding me to the closet where their food is — in case I’ve forgotten that it’s time for breakfast. Once I grab their wet food, Floofy guides me to the kitchen where I prepare their breakfast — in case I’ve forgotten where his cat bowl is.

“Floofy sleeps anywhere he wants to sleep. Sometimes on one of the cat towers, on our TV stand or on one of our desks by an open window because he loves looking outside. Sometimes he’ll cuddle next to our shoes and sleep there.”


Furry Friends Fur-Ever Stories are compiled and written by Nomi Berger who is the bestselling author of seven novels, one work of non-fiction, two volumes of poetry, and hundreds of articles. She is a volunteer writer for Furry Friends in Vancouver, WA and also volunteers her writing skills to animal rescue groups in Canada and the USA.

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