We Are Furever Home in our Permanent Halfway House!

The felines are "walking on air," but we humans still have much to do!

We’re well on the way towards making our dream a reality, but the journey’s not yet over. On September 24, 2016, we moved the entire "cat, kitten and caboodle" from our rental property to our permanent Halfway House.

The house that we purchased was built in 1951, contains 1,664 square feet, and is constructed of cinder blocks. Although the property is zoned as "commercial," the house itself is zoned as "residential." Now we MUST upgrade the entire premises to "commercial" and ADA (Americans with Disability Act) code at great expense to us.

While we have:

  • Replaced the roof and torn down the fireplace and chimney
  • Completed most of the plumbing and electrical work
  • Relocated the front door and walled over the old one for ADA requirements
  • Concreted a new entry to the front door
  • Renovated the bathroom to accommodate a wheelchair, and widened the door

Now we are in the process of acquiring the permit to install a sidewalk and adding more asphalt parking. This is a process that is required of us. We estimate that it will cost between $130,000 and $150,000.

As you can imagine, we are barely keeping pace with the rising expenses, and are still urgently seeking your support. Our tireless and dedicated volunteers have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours in both readying our new Halfway House and restoring the old one to its original condition.

Three years ago, Glen Aronson of Iron Gate Storage heeded our call for funding, and after placing his faith in our dream, has been fiscally sponsoring and knowledgeably mentoring us ever since. Other major contributors have been Dr. Virginia Huang of Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery, Kathy Angelo Construction, the estate of Carol Williams, and one very generous, anonymous donor. Not to mention the countless and deeply appreciated individual contributions that we continue to receive almost daily.

Since our founding in 1999, Furry Friends has moved three times. This move, hopefully, will be our last. Once the initial reconstruction costs and the labor involved are behind us, we can begin to work on paying down the mortgage, while planning, at the same time, for our future expansion.

Won’t you please consider making a tax-deductive donation to support us our furry friends’ new Halfway House while we continue to work for the increasing number of furry friends counting on us?

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