Furry Friends, founded in 1999, is a Vancouver, WA, 501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill cat rescue and adoption organization.

We strive to help cats in the Vancouver-Portland Metropolitan and surrounding area receive the medical services and companionship they need. We are operated entirely by volunteers. Our Mission is to rescue abused, abandoned or otherwise homeless cats and house them in a safe, healthy and socialized environment until we find new “forever homes” for them. Furry Friends is funded by both individual and corporate donations; and as a 501(c)(3), non-profit, donations are tax deductable.

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Volunteer time or resources to help us. There are lots of ways you can help homeless cats outside of adoption or fostering.

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We are committed to finding foster care for cats, whether they are abandoned, neglected, homeless, and/or have special needs.

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Being small gives us the opportunity to know each cat – their personality, what they like to eat, and how they like to play.

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Your monetary donations – which are tax deductible – enable Furry Friends to continue our rescue program and community outreach.

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Furry Friends + The Columbian = A Purrfect Match!

Furry Friends volunteer Nomi Berger has been writing for The Columbian's Cat Tales blog! If you are interested in cat care and behavior, stop by Cat Tales for your weekly dose of kitty tips.

  • Heartworm in CatsHeartworm in Cats
    If you think cats are safe from heartworm disease, think again. Unlike their canine counterparts, cats aren’t typical hosts for heartworms, and while most worms in infected cats don’t reach the adult stage, immature worms can still cause a condition known as HARD (heartworm associated respiratory disease). More importantly, however, infected cats remain undiagnosed longer than infected dogs, while Melarsomine, the drug of choice prescribed… Read more »
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  • Micro-chipping: Turning Lost into FoundMicro-chipping: Turning Lost into Found
    Furry Friends offers low cost micro-chipping at their Esther Short Park events in Vancouver, WA. Visit their booth at the Recycled Arts Festival in June and the Peace and Justice Fair in September. The cost for micro-chipping your cat or dog through Furry Friends is only $20 (a $60 value). Millions of pets go missing each year. Unfortunately, very few of them are ever reunited… Read more »