Furry Friends, founded in 1999, is a Vancouver, WA, 501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill cat rescue and adoption organization.

We strive to help cats in the Vancouver-Portland Metropolitan and surrounding area receive the medical services and companionship they need. Furry Friends is a volunteer run organization. Our Mission is to rescue abused, abandoned or otherwise homeless cats and house them in a safe, healthy and socialized environment until we find new “forever homes” for them. Furry Friends is funded by both individual and corporate donations; and as a 501(c)(3), non-profit, donations are tax deductible.

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Volunteer time or resources to help us. There are lots of ways you can help homeless cats outside of adoption or fostering.

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We are committed to finding foster care for cats, whether they are abandoned, neglected, homeless, and/or have special needs.

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Being small gives us the opportunity to know each cat – their personality, what they like to eat, and how they like to play.

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Your monetary donations – which are tax deductible – enable Furry Friends to continue our rescue program and community outreach.

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Declawing is a Bad Idea
Latest Mews

Declawing is a Bad Idea

Let’s talk about Onychectomy! What in the world does this word mean? Declawing. This is an operation to remove an animals claws surgically by means of amputation of the end bones on an animals toes. Popular misconception is only the nail is removed since the name means “nail excision” but since the phalanges are removed it would be better termed as a phalangectomy or surgical removal of the phalanges. Would this deter people from declawing if they knew it was similar to cutting off your own finger up to the first knuckle and not just removing your nail?
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Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Cid and Ashley Knight
Adoption Stories

Furry Friends Fur-Ever Tail: Cid and Ashley Knight

“My boyfriend and I had talked about getting a kitten for a long time,” says Ashley. “I’ve always been a dog person and had never really lived around a cat. I wanted a chill cat, one who was independent, so we ultimately decided to go with an adult.
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Volunteer Spotlight with Jay Colgan
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Volunteer Spotlight with Jay Colgan

Jay has been a volunteer for Furry Friends for the past year. Starting out as a socializer she quickly took on other roles such as: transporting, fostering, and is our new Friday pm Halfway House shift leader. 
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Furry Friends + The Columbian = A Purrfect Match!

Furry Friends volunteer Nomi Berger has been writing for The Columbian's Cat Tales blog! If you are interested in cat care and behavior, stop by Cat Tales for your weekly dose of kitty tips.

  • Resource Guarding in Multi-Cat HomesResource Guarding in Multi-Cat Homes
    Does the sound of hissing and the sight of swatting occur all too frequently in YOUR home? If so, you’re not alone. More multi-cat households than you can shake a paw at experience this phenomenon as well. The term for such unwelcome behavior is resource guarding, and, not surprisingly, much of it is grounded in […] Read more »
  • Keep Kitty From Peeing Outside the Litter BoxKeep Kitty From Peeing Outside the Litter Box
    Frustrated by your favorite feline peeing outside the litter box? Wondering how to prevent it? Because most cats urinate inappropriately for one of two reasons, medical or behavioral, the first step is a visit to your vet. The vet will perform a thorough physical examination of your cat and collect a urine sample to either […] Read more »
  • Vertigo in CatsVertigo in Cats
    Feline vertigo or feline vestibular disease refers to a sudden, non-progressive disturbance of balance. Capable of affecting cats of all ages, those afflicted with it will become disoriented and nauseous, develop a head tilt (they often lean or fall in the direction of their head tilt), have irregular, jerking eye movements called nystagmus, and even […] Read more »
Furry Friends is a nonprofit cat adoption organization. Its mission is to help homeless, relinquished and abused cats by providing spaying and neutering, medical care, and foster shelter for as long as it takes to find their forever home. Copyright © 2013 – 2020 Furry Friends. All rights reserved. Website design and development by Christina Roberts.