We take cats in for the rest of their lives even if we cannot find a forever home for them.

When we take a cat into our care we sometimes do not know what health issues it might have until after it receives a complete medical examination by our licensed veterinary technician. It is not unusual for cats to come to us with minor issues such as flea infestations or ear mites. However, others might arrive with more serious issues such as infected gums and mouth disease, neurological problems, burnt pads, feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus, diabetes, heart issues and renal failure.

We place cats with serious, long-term illnesses in permanent foster care after deeming them to be unadoptable. Sponsorship for a cat in permanent foster care is an affordable way for us to cover the costs of each animal’s dietary and medical needs. We currently have seven cats in permanent foster care; five are seniors with serious, ongoing medical issues. Furry Friends provides the food, litter and medical care the cats need, and the permanent foster volunteer provides the love and attention the
cat deserves. It can cost several hundred dollars a month for medical and supplies for just one cat, and sponsorship is an easy way to help us provide for these extraordinary costs.

Sponsorship Options:

You have the option of making a onetime donation or making an ongoing monthly or quarterly donation for a specific cat. All you have to do is click on the picture of a cat below that you would like to sponsor and complete the requested information. All transactions are secure. You can choose to sponsor a cat for yourself, or here are a couple of additional sponsorship ideas.

  • Memorial Sponsorship: Consider a memorial sponsorship in the name of a beloved pet that has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
  • Gift Sponsorship: What do you give the person who has everything? What about a donation to sponsor a cat in their name. Provide us with the name and address of the individual, and we will send a photo of the cat they are sponsoring along with a personalized note to customize your gift. Sponsorships make wonderful and much appreciated gifts for children and others who care about animals, and in particular, for the cat that you sponsor.

If you choose to pay by check, please send it to our mailing address along with a note about which cat it is for to: Furry Friends, 6715 NE 63rd Street, Suite 450, Vancouver, WA 98661

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FAQ About Sponsorship

How do I sponsor a cat in someone's honor or memory?

Submit the name of the cat to be sponsored, the name of the gift recipient and their contact information, along with your message. The recipient will receive a greeting card explaining that a gift or memorial sponsorship has been made in their name, along with the sponsorship items mentioned above.

What's the difference between a sponsorship and an adoption?

A sponsorship is a one-time or monthly gift; adoption is when you take the cat home and make them part of your family forever.

Am I the only sponsor of the animal I choose?

Hopefully there will be multiple sponsors for each cat. The more donations we receive the less the financial burden is for caring for these cats. Cat sponsorships are symbolic, and the funds go into "Connie's Care Fund," which is used to support cats in permanent foster care, as well as other cats that have extraordinary medical costs.

Can I sponsor more than one cat?

Of course you can! And we will be very grateful.

Are any of these cats available for adoption?

Many of these cats have on going medical issues and often are seniors that just wouldn’t do well at our halfway house waiting for a forever home. If a person is willing to take on the challenge and expense of these cats, then yes some of them would be available for adoption.

What is the difference between a cat in a foster home and a 'permanent' foster home?

We have volunteers that foster new born kittens for about two months because the kittens need a lot of attention and socializing. We have other volunteers that foster a cat on a short-term basis while it is recuperating from an illness. A permanent foster home is when we have deemed the cat is unadoptable and it is in the best interest of the cat to be in a home with lots of love and care. Whenever a cat is fostered the financial burden is on Furry Friends, not the foster volunteer.

Are there additional ways I can help the cats?

Your continued donations will take care of the cats in permanent foster care, as well as help cover the extraordinary medical costs for some of the other seriously ill cats. When a cat comes to Furry Friends, he/she may need costly tests, dental work or other procedures. These costs can run up to $1,000 for only one cat. But after that initial expense, most of the cats are healthy and no other above-and-beyond expenses need to be made. Visit our donation page to see other ways to give.

Can I become a permanent foster volunteer?

If you are interested in learning more about being a permanent foster volunteer, please email us at information@furryfriendswa.org.

If you choose to pay by check, please be sure to specify the name of the cat and the reason for the donation to:
Furry Friends, 6715 NE 63rd Street, Suite 450, Vancouver, WA 98661

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