Jazmynn Hoffman is our second paid staff member for Furry Friends! She is our House Manager and Volunteer Coordinator. She also assists with adoptions, intakes, babysitting kittens for fosters, and she recently started fostering kittens herself.

She has volunteered with Furry Friends since December of 2020. She got involved with Furry Friends when she adopted her first cat from FF in October of 2020. She said, “When I came to the Halfway House I thought it was super cool and I loved that the cats were in big rooms rather than tiny cages.”

When asked what her biggest challenge was she said, “My biggest challenge so far is just figuring out what kind of things there is a need for at the Halfway House – for example, cleaning/organizing areas of the house that weren’t part of the normal house shift routines. Basically little projects that were hard to get done before, when there wasn’t someone at the house consistently to work on them. I am starting to get it all figured out though! The last few weeks, I spent approx. 35 hours a week working on Furry Friends stuff – 20 hours of that I get paid for being the House Manager, and the rest would be volunteer hours that I put in for the Wednesday/Saturday cleaning crew, the Sunday medicals crew, and I frequently stay a little bit later after my shift at the Halfway House on my work days finishing things up and visiting with the kitties.”

She also spoke about her favorite things at Furry Friends and had this to say: “I have a few different favorite things about volunteering here – adoptions and intakes, getting to show off our shelter and our cats, and also getting in new cats and learning what their personalities are like is pretty fun. Also I enjoy coming in with the Sunday team to help with the medicals, and setting up cages for new cats.”

Before she started at Furry Friends she worked at a corporate office doing billing & collections. Jazmynn said she learned pretty quickly that that type of work wasn’t for her so after she stopped working there she started volunteering with Furry Friends so she could do something she was passionate about and that was cats!

Jazmynn doesn’t only care for animals at Furry Friends. At home she has six cats, three of her own and three foster kittens. They are all Furry Friends cats. She also has a tarantula, two geckos and a snake.

Although much of her life revolves around helping cats she does have some side hobbies. She likes to do painting, sculpting, collecting oddities, camping/fishing, video games, and thrifting. She is not short on talents as she also can play the cello, guitar, ukulele, and the mandolin!

Furry Friends is very lucky to have Jazmynn and we appreciate all her hard work! Thank you Jazmynn! You are appreciated!


We would like to thank Jenn Hutchman for writing this spotlight. She has been volunteering with Furry Friends for a couple years and has been an amazing contribution to our team. She has fostered over 50 cats and kittens so far for Furry Friends, and not just the easy ones. She has fostered several bottle baby kittens that require feeding every two hours and has taken on some of the difficult medical cases like Goonie. She also is the lead person for our email/voice mail team, plays a significant role on our medical team and has done a number of other tasks including fundraising. For 2021 she put in about 1500 volunteer hours for Furry Friends. We are so grateful for all she does.


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