The Incredible Journey of Darling & Isis: Part 2

Chris K., Darling and Isis's Canadian sitter, filling out adoption paperwork at the airport.

Ghenia, Darling and Isis’s Canadian sitter, filling out adoption paperwork at the airport.

Chris K. has reported back that the two girls are now Canadian citizens! They were met at the airport by Ghenia, their new Canadian sitter, who filled out adoption paperwork at the airport. They were also met by their new brother Clifford (watching attentively from the front seat of the vehicle):

Iris was very quiet during the trip and kept to one end of the carrier. It is so loud in those prop jets, I felt so bad for her and then there was Darling in cargo…it had to sound like she was in a tornado! Everything went well. Carrying a pet carrier around with a kitty gets lots of attention. People are actually friendly in airports. Darling’s new name is Clementine and the new owner is keeping the name Iris. It was sweet sorrow to watch the kitties drive off to their new home.

I feel like I have been gone for days! Just the process of security with the kitties, four flights, going up and down stairs, going through immigration, checking in here and there, being ‘interrogated’ by officials, and I had to take three different shuttle trains at Sea-Tac to get from immigration to my gate to Portland. Whew! I am thankful the weather was nice to go in and out of the planes on the jet way. And it was so worth it! Darling and Iris are going to live happily ever after in a beautiful home on a 7 acre Alpaca farm joining Clifford, three other kitties, and 16 Alpacas!