Virgil and James: Now Tiki and Toga

Tiki and TogaTiki has been renamed to Virgil, and Toga is now James. The kids couldn’t be more excited and in love! Since our son is named Wyatt (after Wyatt Earp), and the kittens were 2 boys, we named them after two other of the Earp brothers. 🙂 We bought them a huge 4 or 5 foot cat scratcher/play tower and tons of other floor toys. They are so happy here, enjoying the full roaming of our house. They are so rambunctious and complete brother play buddies, it’s absolutely awesome to watch them play together and with our kids. I think they are the best little boys we could have ever hoped for, and we are so looking forward to many years together, because these two weeks have been amazing already. Thank you so much! And we were thinking that James (Toga) had to be the one that cuddled at night, because he really is a super lovey little man! Very, very affectionate, which we just adore having him want us to love up on him. Now that they both have settled in and feel comfortable with all of us and our home, they have begun slipping into the kids rooms at night and sleeping with them. And, of course the kids are overjoyed to have them in their beds! The J.D.J Family